This blog has been inactive for a long time. I tried to at least post an article yearly, and next thing you know, two years and a half fly by… Halloween seemed like a good time to resurrect it.

I wanted to start writing again recently, and faced an issue: this blog was using Octopress 2. Well, Octopress has apparently been dead for even longer than this blog. So I wanted to switch to another static generator. I found Hugo, which is actively maintained and ticked all the boxes I had, so that’s what I settled for (sorry for the probable RSS feed mess - while I set up 301 redirects for the old articles, I guess this won’t play nicely with any RSS reader. This is actually what prompted this article…)

This could have been an hour worth of work - migrating the content (both Hugo and Octopress are using Markdown, so that part was really simple), finding or putting together a nice template, and call it a day. But how fun is that? Instead, I chose to go with the most complex (hence fun, right?) approach possible. And that was by using Bazel to do everything. Sass linting and pre-processing, HTML generation, generating a Docker image, deploying it… and with tests for a lot of things along the way. Today, the deployment part is still missing (I’m working on it), but everything else is pretty much ready.

I plan to describe this whole journey soon, although I don’t know exactly which form it will take yet - probably a series of small articles covering a specific aspect. In the meantime, welcome back on a brand-new blog!